Water Treatment for Long Life Equipment

by evoqua - Made in Germany

Complete Solutions for Water Problems

What ever the source of water is, we can help to treate it to give you the required water quality and quantity

Example of water treatment for CSSD using city water                 

RO system with DI and EDI for the highest water purity

Water treatment system specially designed to protect the Central Sterile Services Department equipment

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General Features

State of the art water equipment

Designed with the automated operation in mind

EDI system

Electrodeionization use electricity to provide continues water polishing after the RO, no need to replace resin or change element

Second list of Features

Add a great slogan.

Great Value

Well-designed systems reduce maintenance cost and provide a great value with time

Service and Support

We provide profitinal service and support for our customer from the design of the system thoghut it's life time